Every day we meet people who are overwhelmed, cognitively loaded to breaking point, or experience a sense of threat in the workplace.At Frontline Mind, we enable individuals, teams and organisations to survive and thrive in a complex, turbulent world.

Tasmanian Health Service

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Frontline Mind rolled out Resilience by Design to frontline healthcare workers as they entered lockdown. Across multiple agencies within the department of health (such as emergency, ambulance, public health and pharmacy) Frontline Mind developed and delivered a virtual training program to seed a peer support network across the state.

University of Melbourne

We created a compelling, concise, fully evidence based people skills course that delivers coded steps for personal performance, decision-making, interpersonal skills, teamwork, management, leadership, strategy and innovation portfolio design applicable to various domains of complexity.

US Marine Corps

Our Frontline trainers video modeled the approach of RTC Training staff and discovered a number of problem approaches that were being used and which supported low breath hold rates. Our trainers also live modeled elite free-divers who are able to hold their breaths and dive to depths that are on a world class scale.

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