University of Melbourne

Over a four-month period we interviewed leading academics in all of the related areas of training requirements.  Using pattern detection across all interviews we identified the processes employed by multiple exemplars in academia, as well as providing core units of training from our three day Frontline Mind program.

We also employed a leading PhD in complexity and sense making to ensure each element of the program is evidence based and linked to multiple peer reviewed papers.

The program is delivered across any device, via app or desktop and contains interviews, animated training videos, long-read articles, concise action steps, self tests and progress alerts.


To develop a comprehensive, online people skills course for students in Chemical Engineering Management, who can use Frontline Mind training to develop skills for leading and managing research and innovation.


To create a compelling, concise, fully evidence based course that can deliver coded steps for personal performance, decision-making, interpersonal skills, teamwork, management, leadership, strategy and innovation portfolio design applicable to various domains of complexity.