Many people face increased stress and overwhelm faster than they can develop resilience. To provide a solution, Frontline Mind is now delivering the same methodology for members of the public as it does for professional athletes, emergency response teams, law enforcement and armed forces. If burnout and ongoing challenges to peak performance are an issue to you and your teams, then earning resilience techniques for high pressure environments could be the change that makes maximum impact.

Frontline Mind’s Resilience By Design events are a fully experiential, two day presentation of resilience and peak-performance methods as used by members of the resilient elite. With pre and post data collection for analysis of impact, as well as year long support via the Frontline Mind’s online platform, these training events and support are the most comprehensive of their kind.

Outcomes for attending and applying Frontline Mind resilience training:

  • Optimized personal performance and communication
  • Functional integration of wellbeing practices
  • Enriched personal life experiences
  • Application of process for all domains – work, home, hobby, sport etc

Why attend?

Event participants can expect to :

  • Develop and apply resilience skills that enable enhanced individual and organizational wellbeing and performance.
  • Create effective solutions to mitigate increased stress and learn to master effective decision-making in professional and personal life.
  • Develop exceptional situational and risk awareness.
  • Enhance and fine-tune emotional states for performance and sustainability.
  • Learn personal pattern detection and how to interrupt patterns than limit performance

Key Event Highlights

  • Learn Frontline Mind’s most effective resilience and performance-coaching methods, elegantly simple but profoundly effective.
  • Make sustainable changes easily, authentically and unconsciously.
  • Develop the ability to access resilience unconsciously and in the moment.
  • Detach from knee-jerk reactions and overly emotive experiences to gain more awareness, more perspective and more clarity in action.
  • Attendees will go through the experience in small groups supported by a dedicated coach.
  • Develop the ability to overcome self-doubt and resolve inner conflicts.
  • Recognize and override the triggers that lead to poor performance.
  • Get into flow states, access your creativity, quiet your mind and experience more focus.
  • Manage your own nervous system to access high-performance states upon command.
  • We don’t do it to you – this is a self application event from which attendees will come away with techniques to apply in every day life.

Included in the price of the ticket is our ongoing online people skills programs with the Frontline Mind learning management system. The online support material comprises a collection of training videos, articles, references, exemplar interviews, neuroscience explanations and reminders/extensions of the material covered in face-to-face delivery. This program alone retails for $350 USD.

Learn more about CEO and Coach Mike Weeks

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