The Frontline Mind Coaching Recovery and Wellbeing course provides advanced thinking tools for coaching yourself and others to reach an optimum state of health and performance Our training will enable you to develop process-oriented coaching skills that are fast, effective and client-centred. 

The course is made up of:

6 days of interactive, face-to-face workshops covering practical skills useful for work and whole-of-life.

12 Months Plus of access to the online course with 20+ hours of videos, articles and infographics (resources remain open beyond 12 months).

6 Exclusive Webinars from experts around the world in wellbeing, trauma recovery and neurocoaching.

48 E-lessons to consolidate and learn one key point in under 15 minutes each week.

Who is this for?

This training is for experienced coaches, healthcare practitioners, therapists and rehabilitation professionals working with trauma, recovery, stress, and resilience. That said, fledgelings keen to develop their learning will find this course extremely useful. Talk to us: we can discuss whether it will be suitable for you.

What is our philosophy?

We believe that health, wellbeing, and optimal recovery occurs through interconnected frameworks of biomedical, psychological and social factors. Our training integrates these with science-based approaches and practical processes developed for active and post-active frontline situations.  We facilitate people to create deep change, enhance resilience, overcome stress, recover from trauma, improve wellness, and access high-performance.

What kind of coaching is this?

We call it neurocoaching. Neuro references human neurophysiology: the brain, nervous system and the creative sense-making capabilities we all have. Coaching is the process of helping someone get better at something. Neurocoaching helps people get better at utilising their neurology to increase resilience, improve recovery and generate wellbeing.

Neurocoaching is a synthesis of neuroscience, healthcare, modern psychology, neurolinguistics and practical changework. It is not new-age, does not access the supernatural and has no need for faith. It is an elegant process-oriented approach that requires work to learn, practice to implement, and artfulness to master.

Please contact us to discuss your suitability for this training if you have any doubts about your experience.

The course covers the following topics:

From stress to personal resilience

Resilience underpins performance and coaching others requires personal resilience – that capacity to enable others to navigate through their challenging situations, whilst remaining resourceful and maintaining our own wellbeing. We help people uncover their innate resilience capabilities and teach effective strategies used by the resilient elite.

Advanced coaching skills

Process-oriented coaching requires a nuanced ability to observe change in others, and to develop and maintain rapport. Our training makes explicit the listening skills and highly effective verbal and non-verbal communication patterns of coaches who enable their clients to make effective recovery and return to high performance.

Sleep and rest

For many people the need for sleep and rest is greater than any other lifestyle factor. In many cases recovery and performance is compromised not by ability but by lack of energy that adequate sleep and rest provides. Just like any other skill set, effective sleep and recovery relies upon practiced methods. Our program will enable you to maximise recovery periods through tested techniques, alongside easy to implement lifestyle changes, so that you can perform well and attain optimal levels of energy and wellbeing in your work and home life.

Nutrition and detox

If eating processed food or following fad diets wasn’t bad enough, for decades professional advice on healthy nutrition has been fundamentally flawed. Since Ancel Keys fudged the data on the correlation between fat consumption and cardiovascular disease in 1950s, millions of people have followed the low-fat high-carbohydrate food pyramid, and as a consequence they developed insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, obesity, and ill health. In the past 10 years an overwhelming body of evidence has emerged that is critical of the food guidelines that have been followed for decades, and the popular food pyramid has literally been upended. In this course we present simple easy to follow advice on how to eat whole-food in a well-balanced way to fuel performance. Developed by nutritional experts and specialist medical practitioners, our resources offer simple evidence-based guidelines than can be adapted to your needs.

Manage pain naturally

We know from neuroscience studies that pain is created and experienced mainly in the brain as a warning sign to perceived threat – usually in response to a message from the nervous system elsewhere in the body. These well-intentioned messages are often inaccurate and sometimes unnecessary, and like so much of today’s messaging, it can be difficult to separate fake news from useful information grounded in fact. Our brain can get tricked by false signals and fooled into creating unnecessary pain responses to them. Our training works with the pain signal to reduce or remove chronic pain experiences using principles of neuroplasticity to re-educate the nervous system to filter out unhelpful pain messages and better utilise the useful ones.

Trauma and mental health recovery

Our approach to trauma and mental health recovery recognises that there is usually a positive intention behind the unconsciously creates states of depression, anxiety, stress and traumatic stress responses. Far from being disordered conditions, or problems to be suppressed, ignored or medicated away, these states are often highly resourceful ways of signaling for attention. We enable people to discover precisely how and when they create strong emotional states, and create choice to dial up or down the intensity, or replace them completely with new ways of being and responding to the world. The processes we teach are fast, safe for the client and the coach, and evidence-backed.

Why Frontline Mind?

To create the Frontline Mind programs, we began by modelling the world’s resilient elite; From mountain guides and elite athletes, to special forces soldiers and emergency services personnel. We have worked with CEOs, special forces soldiers, correctional officers, police, fire, ambulance, mental health nurses and those people who have developed incredible resilience and are hidden in plain sight, like single mums and dads bringing up disabled children, often with little external support.

Our programs are informed by unpacking the processes that high performing professionals use. Our programs are practitioner-led, theory-backed and evidence-based. We take what we have discovered, relate that to the neuroscience of human performance and apply it to resilience and decision making in business in order to enable you to be the best leader and manager you can be.

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