Running in Boulder, CO in 2020, our Leading and Managing course is a comprehensive program of capability development for frontline managers and supervisors, aspiring leaders, business and executive coaches, and organisational change consultants.

The course is made up of:

6 days of interactive, face-to-face workshops covering practical skills useful for work and whole-of-life.

12 Months Plus of access to the online course with 20+ hours of videos, articles and infographics (resources remain open beyond 12 months).

6 Exclusive Webinars that support the implementation of new skills at work and in your personal life.

48 E-lessons to consolidate and learn one key point in under 15 minutes each week.

Live Training Dates: February 21st & 22nd, May 31st, August 23rd, November 7th & 8th

The course covers the following topics:

From stress to personal resilience

Leading people, managing teams and coaching others requires personal resilience – that capacity to perform under pressure and absorb or adapt to change. We help people uncover their innate resilience capabilities and teach effective strategies from the resilient elite.

People skills for productive workplaces

Productive workplaces are characterised by strong relationships – where people communicate with rapport and seek understanding. Our training makes explicit the listening skills and highly effective verbal and non-verbal communication patterns of people who communicate with influence and integrity.

Manager as coach

Managing people sometimes requires explicit direction delivered through command and control – more often a coaching approach involving great questions works better by enabling team members to be self-reliant and perform at their highest potential. Our approach focuses on developing a flexible management style with role clarity and precise delegation where risk is managed appropriately.

Managing attention, resources and projects

Being able to simultaneously process and manage multiple projects successfully is a highly sought after leadership trait. We explore processes on how to manage your attention and ensure those around you stay on task. We also cover the essentials of project management. This includes traditional methodologies, as well as newer, flexible ways of running projects with teams.

Leading people to performance

In an increasingly complex world with employees with changing needs, a great leader needs to create a compelling vision that enables self-directed managers and teams to thrive. This vision must be supported by a coherent strategy and effective and efficient business systems. Our leadership training uncovers intuitive authentic leadership styles and develops processes of leadership excellence and the skills to bring others on a journey through facilitation and compelling presentation. We explore leading and managing in complexity using the Cynefin framework to inform what sort of situation we are in, and the best way to act in a way that is situationally relevant.

Practical outcomes of the course include:

  • Using a practical framework for personal and workplace resilience
  • Gaining different perspectives
  • Discovering emotional choice and responses to pressure and risk
  • Establishing and leading with rapport
  • Communicating with clarity and 
  • Decision-making under pressure and taking action with clarity
  • Managing time effectively and efficiently
Delegating with precision and artistry
  • Managing performance and providing constructive feedback
  • Eliciting SMARTER outcomes and project 
  • Resolving conflict
  • Running effective meetings
  • Measuring performance and change

Why Frontline Mind?

To create the Frontline Mind programs, we began by modelling the world’s resilient elite; From mountain guides and elite athletes, to special forces soldiers and emergency services personnel. We have worked with CEOs, special forces soldiers, correctional officers, police, fire, ambulance, mental health nurses and those people who have developed incredible resilience and are hidden in plain sight, like single mums and dads bringing up disabled children, often with little external support.

Our programs are informed by unpacking the processes that high performing professionals use. Our programs are practitioner-led, theory-backed and evidence-based. We take what we have discovered, relate that to the neuroscience of human performance and apply it to resilience and decision making in business in order to enable you to be the best leader and manager you can be.

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