Training Programs

To create the Frontline Mind programs, we began by modeling the world’s resilient elite; From mountain guides and elite sports people, to special forces soldiers and emergency services personnel. We have worked with CEOs, correctional officers, police, fire, ambulance, mental health nurses and those people who have developed incredible resilience and are hidden in plain sight, like single mums and dads bringing up disabled children, often with little external support.

Resilience and Performance

Human performance is built upon a foundation of personal resilience. We show you how to engage your brain and nervous system - your whole neurology, for enhanced awareness of risk and opportunity, leading to clarity in action and performance under pressure.


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Leading and Managing

Leading teams and organisations requires a compelling vision enabled by strategy and self-directed people. Our training develops authentic leadership styles that reflect personal qualities. We teach that good judgement and clarity in action emerges from situational awareness and the integration of insights from multiple perspectives, carried by leaders who act and communicate with influence and integrity.


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Coaching and Teamwork

Coaching enables you and others to perform at your best and to transfer skills from one high performer to another. Our methods bring out the best in people, enabling effective communication and feedforward for managing projects and innovation with agility.


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Recovery and Wellbeing

We train you and your teams to recover from setback and critical incidents, as well as personal and organisational crisis with a step-by-step program to survive and thrive in a complex, turbulent world. Our approach to wellbeing takes a holistic view, where performance and thinking are embodied. Programs also include practical evidence-based plans for nutrition, sleep and exercise.


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Practitioner led

We provide animated ‘micro narratives’ - brief stories from exceptional people within your organization as well as global leaders across mixed domains of relevance. We then make explicit the hidden processes of human performance, linking back to the theory and our step-by-step explainer videos, articles and infographics.

Theory backed

Our research team scours the scientific literature to understand what the best in the world are doing. We then enhance what we know already works to take performance to the next level.

Evidence based

We can track change through quantitative methods, and our programs are grounded in a scientific approach.