Trusting Intuition

By Linzi Boyd

May 13, 20196 Minutes

I give talks to groups of women around the world and will often be asked if I feel guilty about being a CEO when I have growing children at home.

Oftentimes I will surprise other mum’s by stating that I don’t do guilt, because time and experience with my children is strategized with equal importance as my work schedules. I also shock people by revealing that I only work in 6-8 week periods before taking high-quality breaks to prevent burn out and reduced work quality. I take 3 months of holiday spread throughout every year, all of which I spend with my husband and kids. Some of that time is balanced with early mornings and late nights (when my kids are sleeping) so that I can track work tasks, but I’m mostly relaxing, and making extensive creative notes until I feel the internal prompt to get back into my next project. Before any holiday period I ensure my teams are clear about their projects, what resources and responsibilities are theirs to be used, and then I let them get on with their jobs.

I’ve always believed that people should be trusted to produce high quality work without having a manager breathing down their necks. Our staff work incredibly hard whilst also appreciating the autonomy to come in when they choose to and to work in a way that best matches their personal abilities. My son and daughter are aged 9 and 7. They’re at a stage where they’re beginning to understand the intention for me working as I do. What is Mummy’s work really for? In my case it’s to make a genuine difference in the world. I also want my kids to be inspired by their mum and to see me as a role model. I especially want my daughter to understand how hard work, self confidence and commitment can put her on an equal footing with any male counterpart. In my second business, a PR company working with major fashion brands, we had some rough patches.

I remember at least one occasion of walking around a park, crying my eyes out as I wondered how I was going to pay our team of twenty employees. Once I’d let out the initial build up of tension I dropped right back into a deep sense of calm, followed by a clear route to solve the problem. For as long as I can remember I’ve trusted my intuition to provide a solution. All I have to do is physically slow everything down, almost to a slow motion effect, and then invariably a plan arises. You have to be able to trust yourself when the big challenges come.

Self doubt will blur any solution you might otherwise develop. I am a big picture person who also gives attention to the smallest details. However without my global, longer term view, I’d get nowhere fast. Big picture, game changing outcomes are what drive me every day and inspire me to be a better Business woman, partner, friend and mum. I’m also incredibly fortunate to have two brilliant men by my side, one who is my business partner and the other my husband. Both of them complement and support my work ethic in their own brilliant ways.


As told in interview with Mike Weeks

Linzi Boyd

Sold two businesses before the age of 24 - her second was a successful footwear brand that had seven global distribution channels, and sold to Caterpillar. Her third business, Surgery Group, has become renowned over its 15-year history for influencing the fashion industry and launching numerous household fashion names. Linzi’s book, ‘Brand Famous’ is a No. 1 best seller, and gives insight into her current global branding business, BOB (Business of Brand).